Argentina presente en la Global Evidence Summit

El equipo de Cochrane Argentina estuvo en la Global Evidence Summit que unió a las organizaciones: Cochrane, Joanna Briggs Institute, Campbell Collaboration, Guidelines International Network y la International Society for Evidence Based Healthcare.

Nuestro Centro y sus integrantes participaron de 3 talleres, 3 presentaciones orales y 6 pósters.

Las participaciones fueron las siguientes:

Bardach A, Belizán J, Glujovsky D, Ciapponi A. Celebrity Deathmatch: Burden of disease vs. RCTs in the Southern cone of Latin America. Long-oral

Lewin S, Oxman A, Ciapponi A, et al. Novel approaches to conducting overviews of reviews: lessons from four overviews of health systems interventions. Long-oral

Ciapponi A, Glujovsky D, Comandé D, Bardach A. Overlapping of trials and Systematic Reviews between LILACS and PubMed. Oral-short

Ciapponi A, Virgilio S, Glujovsky D. Title Proposal Forms: How we are and how we should be. Poster

Ciapponi A, Glujovsky D, Papier S, Coscia A, De Carvalho P, Bardach A. Survey among infertility patients to assist the development of a decision aid in reproductive medicine. Poster.

Ciapponi A, Glujovsky D, Virgilio S, Bardach A. Conduct and dissemination of epidemiological systematic reviews in Latin America and the Caribbean: Pitfalls and lessons learned. Poster

Ciapponi A, Glujovsky D, Comandé D, Bardach A. Comparison of trends in study designs types in LILACS and PubMed in the last decade. Poster

Sguassero Y, Roberts K, Harvey G, et al. First meta-analysis of individual participant data (IPD) in treated subjects with chronic Trypanosoma cruzi infection. Poster

Arno A, Elliott J, Ciapponi A, Glujovsky D. Introduction to Covidence - Cochrane's recommended online tool for review production. Workshop

Yuan Zhang, Hector Pardo-Hernandez, Juan Franco, Juan Yepes-Nuñez, Gordon Guyatt, Holger Schunemann. Integrating patient outcome importance in guideline development: Patient Outcome Importance Workshop I

Yuan Zhang, Hector Pardo-Hernandez, Juan Franco, Juan Yepes-Nuñez, Gordon Guyatt, Holger Schunemann. GRADE approach for determining certainty of evidence on how patients value outcomes – Patient Outcome Importance Workshop II

Juan Franco, Victoria Ruiz Yanzi, Valeria Vietto, Virginia Garrote, Camila Escobar, Anna Selva, Ivan Sola, Yuan Zhang, Hector Pardo-Hernandez, Pablo Alonso-Coello. Development and validation of a search filter for studies on patient’s values and preferences. Poster