Coloquio Cochrane 2019 - virtual y de libre acceso

Este año el Coloquio Cochrane ha sido cancelado debido a la crisis social y política en Chile:

Los organizadores han desarrollado una plataforma virtual para el acceso a las presentaciones plenarias y trabajos de investigación con una modalidad de libre acceso.

¡Los invitamos a la primer edición del Coloquio Virtual 2019!

Los links a las presentaciones de los miembros de Cochrane Argentina se encuentran aquí:

Mental health services for serious mental illness: a map of randomized controlled trials (Cochrane-IUHI)

Quality assessment of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for the treatment of psoriasis (Cochrane-IUHI)

How well described are the interventions with physical activity in randomized clinical trials? (Cochrane-IUHI)

Redundant trials: do researchers register clinical trials for outcomes that have a 'high' GRADE evidence rating?

Optimizing rapid review production: new search filter to identify simultaneously systematic reviews, guidelines, health technology assessments and randomized controlled trials in PubMed (Cochrane-IECS)

Living OVerview of the Evidence (L·OVE): a sensitive tool to search for evidence (Cochrane-IECS)

User involvement in the recommendation development process to improve guideline adherence (Cochrane-IECS)

Incorporation of patients’ perspective in nationally developed guidelines in Latin America (Cochrane-IUHI)

Use of Cochrane Reviews in nationally developed clinical practice guidelines in Latin America (Cochrane-IUHI)

Quality assessment of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for the diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (Cochrane-IUHI)

Do Cochrane and non-Cochrane systematic reviews report results integrating certainty of evidence and effect size? (Cochrane-CREP)

L·OVE identified more relevant systematic reviews than guidelines for the management of difficult airway in adults (Cochrane-IECS)

Major health topics in females adolescents addressed by Cochrane systematic reviews: how big is the gap? (Cochrane-CREP)

Quality of evidence matters: is it reported and interpreted in infertility journals? (Cochrane-IECS)

Is the minimal important difference (MID) considered in systematic reviews? (Cochrane-IECS)

How evidence-based are clinical practice guidelines in anaesthesiology: the cases of preoperative care and difficult airway management (Cochrane-IECS)